Black Cat DC "Love Letters" Giclée Art Print (Multi-size options)

$25.00 - $70.00
Black Cat DC "Love Letters" Giclée Art Print (Multi-size options)


All of my prints are love letters of sorts, so I decided to jazz up a few of my favorites just in time for Valentine's Day (and beyond)! Garish pinks, purples and cheesy fake glitter effects seemed to evoke the elementary school Valentine cards I loved so much, so this is what I went and did here. Oh, and how about a tattooed heart in there as well, just to pay a little extra love to the cities that rocked? Done & done!

With widespread closures due to COVID, we're already losing independent music clubs all around the country and we can't stand to lose any more! Most of my print subjects are bygone venues from my own nostalgic past, but the Black Cat is STILL HERE and us DC folks can't afford to lose it.

The number of awesome bands I've seen upstairs at the Cat is staggering. Guided By Voices, Dinosaur Jr., the Donnas, Hold Steady... the list goes on and on and on. My own former band, Ape House, even got to grace the downstairs room on a couple of occasions! The 14th Street landscape has changed with gentrification, but the Black Cat was there first and we gotta do what we can to make sure it stays put for when we can all go back out and revel again.

This is printed via Giclée, a high end archival printing process that layers inks in a similar fashion to screening. The colors POP and the image is very sharp!

Paper stock is Moab Entrada Rag Natural - a warm white, 100% cotton, slightly textured, smooth fine art surface. All available options are standard frame sizes found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA! (frame NOT included)