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DC Space Silk Screened Art Print - BLEMISHED

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Image of DC Space Silk Screened Art Print - BLEMISHED

NOTE: These prints may have a little blurring, a scratch in the ink, or a slight off-register screen. These still look great on the wall and the defects are slight, just not what I consider to be first-quality. BUT the price reflects this! Go crazy!!!

"Space is the place!" was the rallying call as me and my fellow suburban cohorts piled into my station wagon to make our way into the nether-regions of downtown DC in the 80s. Once there, we would usually make our way up to the roof to imbibe in a 40 oz bottle of something horrible, procured from one of the lesser-repudiated merchants that dotted New York Ave. Pure paradise!

DC Space was where I saw many an influential show, same as you. Strange Boutique was my personal house fave, but others that come to mind are Shudder To Think, Monkeyspank, as well as countless Dischord/DC bands. The stage was low and the audience was part of the action.

Space felt like a secret. All the outliers from the 'burbs knew about Nightclub 9:30, but DC Space was more of an insider's haunt (or at least it felt that way to me). Now it's a Starbucks and the once-seedy neighborhood has gone high-end. You can't hold back the tides of urban progress, but you CAN slap this lovingly-made print on your wall as you pine away for the DC That Once Was.

As always, my prints are taken from my own original collage works. I silk screen them, which is time consuming but also way-the-hell punk. The small inconsistencies in the printing assure you that these weren't churned out on some stinkin' laser printer. Viva la human factor!

This print was silk-screened onto 110lb poster paper from the French Paper Company (the best!). Paper size: 16" x 20", image size is 14" x 18". Fits standard frames found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA! (frame NOT included)