Electric Banana "Love Letters" Print (Multi-size options)

$20.00 - $55.00
Electric Banana "Love Letters" Print (Multi-size options)

NOTE: all wall art is made to order! Please allow ONE WEEK to ship! Color laser print on heavy cover paper stock.

All of my prints are love letters of sorts, so I decided to jazz up a few of my favorites just in time for Valentine's Day (and beyond)! Garish pinks, purples and cheesy fake glitter effects seemed to evoke the elementary school Valentine cards I loved so much, so this is what I went and did here. Oh, and how about a tattooed heart in there as well, just to pay a little extra love to the cities that rocked? Done & done!

Holy cats... I kinda don't know where to start when waxing about the Electric Banana! Picture this: I am a spoiled punk rock kid from Washington DC in the 80's where ALL the good stuff is happening, then I ship myself off to college in Morgantown WV sight unseen. I have willed myself into a certain cultural void... or did I?

Heck no! Not only did Morgantown have an incredible scene and the one-two punch of the Underground Railroad and Dry House, but I was spittin' distance to Pittsburgh PA... a measly road trip that led me to the venerable Electric Banana!

Pittsburgh was a breath of fresh air (ironic, given its industrial history). Not only were the people cool as hell, but there was a lack of the political overtones that were omnipresent in my hometown scene. I'm more of a fun-fun-fun kinda guy, so this suited me perfectly. It also kickstarted a love for the city that continues today... I visit often, have made some good friends and still love the music scene there. I miss bands like Half Life, but who doesn't?

All available options are standard frame sizes found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA! (frame NOT included)