Heaven And Hell, DC - Silkscreened Print Set

Heaven And Hell, DC - Silkscreened Print Set

New for 2022! As always, please allow two weeks to ship.

Silkscreened by HAND! You no longer have to choose between Heaven and Hell, as you get BOTH of these in a set! 10 sets of signed and numbered prints, done by yours truly. The prints are each 12"x12" which fits nicely in a vinyl album frame.

Still there on 18th Street in Adams Morgan, Clubs Heaven and Hell have seen it all over the many years they've been around! Dance your ass off upstairs at Heaven, then repair downstairs into the dungeon of Hell for some high-octane Long Island iced teas, right? It may have been a hot minute since you last went clubbing, but that doesn't mean you can't put these memories on your wall! Treat yerself...

These prints were silk screened onto 100lb French Paper Company white speckletone paper with four color passes. Florescent inks combined with sparkly silver ink... neither of which can be replicated with an inkjet printer! No two prints are exactly alike, but all are beautiful. Limited signed edition of 10 sets. Paper size: 12" x 12". Fits standard frames found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA!