Mt. Royal Tavern - Baltimore MD Art Print (Multi-size options)

$20.00 - $55.00
Mt. Royal Tavern - Baltimore MD Art Print (Multi-size options)

NOTE: all wall art is made to order! Please allow ONE WEEK to ship! Color laser print on heavy cover paper stock.

The Mt. Royal Tavern... the MRT... the Dirt Church... it goes by many names, but it has stood sentry on Mount Royal Avenue for decades. It's a lot of things to a whole lot of people, from the older locals who just want to watch "The Price is Right" in the daytime to MICA students (and other art-damaged sorts) in the evenings. Just make sure you've eaten something elsewhere before a night out at the MRT, unless a bag or two of Utz chips is your idea of a square meal! That's the whole of the food options at the MRT... and we like it that way.

Sadly, the Mt. Royal lost it's prized bartender, raconteur, and neighborhood historian Eric Meyers in 2020. Eric was there as long as I can remember and he was as much a part of the place as the Sistine Chapel ceiling, the taxidermied animals and the old pay phone. Rest easy, Eric...

All available options are standard frame sizes found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA! (frame NOT included)