The Channel Boston "Love Letters" Print - (Multi-size options)

$20.00 - $55.00
The Channel Boston "Love Letters" Print - (Multi-size options)

NOTE: all wall art is made to order! Please allow ONE WEEK to ship! Color laser print on heavy cover paper stock.

All of my prints are love letters of sorts, so I decided to jazz up a few of my favorites just in time for Valentine's Day (and beyond)! Garish pinks, purples and cheesy fake glitter effects seemed to evoke the elementary school Valentine cards I loved so much, so this is what I went and did here. Oh, and how about a tattooed heart in there as well, just to pay a little extra love to the cities that rocked? Done & done!

What can be said about The Channel that hasn't already been said? It had it all: every musical genre known to man, a storied building in a then-forgotten part of town, and yes.... a murder. If you haven't been listening to Boston Venue: The Channel Story podcast, well... you HAVE to tune in! From their website:

"Based on a book in progress containing the vivid recollections of club founder Harry Booras, we cover the too-true-to-believe tale from the club's beginning in 1980 to its inglorious end at the hands of Boston's most ruthless mobsters."

Look it up and tune in! It's beyond riveting and the story rivals anything Hollywood could ever come up with. But back to the nice little print I made that pays tribute to one of THE hallmark clubs in Boston's history...

All available options are standard frame sizes found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA! (frame NOT included)