Bunratty's Boston Art Print (Multi-size options)

$20.00 - $55.00
Bunratty's Boston Art Print (Multi-size options)

NOTE: all wall art is made to order! Please allow ONE WEEK to ship! Color laser print on heavy cover paper stock.

The history of 186 Harvard Ave in Allston is rife with legend. It was a vaudeville club and a movie theater before beginning its reign as one of Boston's most hallowed rock n' roll venues. From Bunratty's to Local 1986 to Wonder Bar, the address has seen a lot - from locals acts that barely made it through their first (and sometimes only) shows to bands that started out small before hitting The Big Time. If you were there, I can't tell you anything about it that you don't already know, but for the uninitiated, you can go here to get a good overview:

There is precious little by way of archival photo documentation of Bunratty's exterior from back in the day, at least on the interwebs. I took a little license by parking a Datsun 240Z out front however. It just seemed right to me... hopefully it seems right to you too!

All available options are standard frame sizes found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA! (frame NOT included)