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HarDCore Print - Magenta Version

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Remember pulling show flyers and posters off walls, telephone poles and record store bulletin boards? If you were like me, your bedroom walls were plastered with these things. They tended to be weathered, worn and crumpled from spending at least the better part of the night folded and stuffed into the inner pocket of your leather biker jacket. Intact corners were laughably absent, am I right?

I did my best to recreate that feel of a well-loved Xeroxed flyer using a historic fair-use photo of The Faith performing at the Chancery sometime in 1982 (photo by Malcolm Riviera). Maybe you were at that show, or maybe (like me) you just wish you had been. My 13 year old self was probably getting a good night's sleep before another rigorous day of Catholic school... sigh.

Silkscreened by hand for extra authenticity! Printed on 100 lb. poster paper, 11" x 14" in size (fits a standard frame). Hell, you probably won't frame these things anyhow, preferring to thumb-tack it on the wall of your man-cave, coffee nook or tool shed! Go crazy, people... these are bargain-priced. Why not buy two?

HarDCore is a state of mind that sustains many of us to this day. Never forget.